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Your Emotional

New Beginnings Counseling Services' mission is to provide the highest quality mental health care in a compassionate and culturally sensitive way to help individuals, groups, and families achieve their personal goals.  We use client-centered and evidence- based approaches to address the unique needs of our clients and work collaboratively to help each client to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  By offering individuals, groups, and families, therapy, education, and advocacy services, we help guide our clients to a new beginning.

One on One therapy to individuals in treating severe mental health disorders.

Family Therapy

Support and therapeutic services to families to better understand the complex needs of their loved one while balancing life demands.

Clinical supervision is offered to mental health professionals who are seeking to earn hours to meet the requirements for clinical licensure.

Educating caretakers on their child's development and/or diagnosis and helping them to navigate the educational system to better support their loved one.

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